Month: February 2020

Truck pawnshop: borrow money cheaply and remain financially independent

In a truck pawnshop, all those truck owners secure short-term liquidity who fail at their house bank. More and more banks are cold-heartedly rejecting customer inquiries or simply offering loans with shamefully high-interest rates. Many consumers then see no other option than to bridge their financial bottlenecks by pledging their trucks.

In the meantime, the truck pawnshop is more than just an alternative to a bank’s traditional installment loan. If you, as an entrepreneur, mortgage your truck, you will receive the money in cash in the form of an instant loan. In addition to working as a car pawnshop, Good Credit has established itself as a reliable and professional truck pawn shop.

Loaning trucks in the pawnshop: at which locations is this possible?

Loaning trucks in the pawnshop: at which locations is this possible?

You can find our truck pawnshop at a total of 6 locations in Germany. Good Credit is active both in Bavaria and in the Rhine-Main area, but of course you can also contact us from another region of the Federal Republic. We will surely find a solution. In Bavaria we are there for you in the cities of Rosenheim and Munich, while in Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse you can mortgage your truck in our pawnshop in the following cities:

  • Mainz
  • Wiesbaden
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Darmstadt

Please contact our truck pawnshop if possible at the location with the shortest distance to your own location.

How long can I mortgage my truck in the pawnshop?

How long can I mortgage my truck in the pawnshop?

In our truck pawnshop, the mortgage loan agreement has a regular term of 3 months. This is how long you pawn your truck in order to have your instant loan paid out in cash. If you wish to extend this regular term, this is possible for a maximum of 3 additional months.

However, you must pay all the costs that have been incurred up to that point. Once this has been done, we will be happy to extend the mortgage loan agreement and thus the truck pawnshop. Of course, you can also trigger your truck early. All you need to do is call us and your truck will be ready for collection the next day. A complete sale is of course also possible.

Truck pawnshop Good Credit: how does it work?

Truck pawnshop Good Credit: how does it work?

If you would like to loan your truck at the pawnshop, please let us know the most important vehicle data. These include:

  • vehicle type
  • mileage
  • Age
  • Any extras installed afterwards

Based on your information, we calculate the truck deposit value, which in turn is important for the amount of your deposit loan. If you like our offer, we will arrange an appointment on which the vehicle will be handed over.

Please do not forget the keys and important documents such as the cancellation certificate or the vehicle registration document. You identify yourself, everyone signs the mortgage loan agreement and Good Credit pays your instant loan in cash to your hand.

Lending a car to a pawnshop in a truck: is that safe?

At Good Credit, we take safety very seriously at all times. If you loan your truck in our pawnshop, we guarantee you absolutely safe storage. We store all vehicles in an insured building so that nothing happens to your truck.

Of course, we also count your own for security. Trust in our word of honor that we will not pass your data on to anyone and that we will never work with Credit Checker. Discreet as we are, you receive individual appointments from us and your reasons for the truck pawn shop remain entirely with you.

What costs and fees are waiting in the truck pawnshop?

What costs and fees are waiting in the truck pawnshop?

If you loan your truck in the pawnshop Good Credit, you will be charged the usual costs and fees. In total there are 3 pillars:

  • loan fees
  • interest
  • demurrage

The parking fee for us always depends on the vehicle to be loaned. The interest and fees are based on the amount of the loan, whereby we have fixed percentages and comply with the legal requirements. Our costs and fees are fair and transparent.

Pawn trucks in the pawnshop: what are the advantages?

Good Credit is your personal truck pawnshop with absolute top service. You can rely on us to regularly check your truck while it is standing in our insured building. For example, let’s look at air pressure. You also benefit from our enormous experience.

Because we have been active in the pawn and automotive industry for several decades and as a member of the German pawn credit industry we stand for seriousness. You also lend not only trucks, but also cars, motorbikes, campers, vintage cars and boats. Secure short-term liquidity now by loaning your truck from Good Credit!